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Welcome to College Girls Hostel

The quality of life is one of the most important factors considered by the students deciding to stay in the college hostel. By quality, it is not just the room but also the overall environment of the college with the greenest campus and all other facilities that are expected. The accommodation at our campus provides a wealth of experience by developing qualities like camaraderie and social responsibility. Our students comprise of a cosmopolitan mix from all parts of Kerala.

The students staying at college hostel are provided with healthy and sumptuous food options at highly subsidised rates. They can enjoy  South Indian menu in the dining hall that is located inside the hostel.

Life at our campus has helped students not just to stay but also to socialize with peers. The college hostel provides a comfortable and safe housing to all students and ladies staff. Principal quarters and guest rooms for females is situated near the college hostel. A visiting room is also available near the college hostel for hassle free conversation in between students and guardians during the visit. 24 hours security is provided by security guards to protect the college/hostel campus. To ensure all security arrangements, camera surveillance covers the entire outer parameter of the hostel. Generator facilities are also provided in college/hostel campus.

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