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Optometry is a career field with possibilities. Optometry offers flexibility, variety gratification, good income and freedom in choosing a location to practice – all the while doing meaningful work.

The primary care of an optometrist is “Practitioner with ongoing responsibility for total visual ocular and related care of a population of patients. Primary care optometry is a focus of practice activity that emphasizes the development and maintenance of a high level of knowledge and clinical ability over the entire area of eye/vision care and associated areas of eye-related healthcare.

As eye care in India progresses both in widening its reach across the nation and in raising its standards to the highest level, there is an increase in demand for competent optometrists who can provide the best eye care for people with visual disability. To fulfill this need, Al Shifa College of Paramedical Sciences has established BSc optometry program in the year 2013. Our course is approved by Government of Kerala and affiliated to KUHS.


The duration of the course shall be 4 years. After the successful completion of 3rd year they have to do a compulsory rotation internship (1 year) in various specialty departments in Optometry

Optometrist’s abilities and skills

  • History taking of patients.
  • Do refraction both subjective and objective.
  • Prescribing spectacle correction
  • Paediatric refraction.
  • Evaluating, prescribing and care and maintenance counseling for contact lenses.
  • Rehabilitation of low vision patients
  • Orthoptic evaluation, work up for strabismic and amblyopic patients.
  • Vision therapy
  • To diagnose disease conditions like Cataract, Glaucoma etc. and refer to ophthalmologists
  • Pre-operative work up for cataract, C3R and other refractive surgeries.
  • To operate and maintain all ophthalmic instruments
  • To maintain ophthalmic theatre and operating instruments
  • To run and establish an optical shop.


As per the Kerala University of Health Sciences (KUHS) Govt. of Kerala norms, Candidates who have passed Higher Secondary examination of the Board of Higher Secondary Education, Kerala, or examinations recognized equivalent thereto, with 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English put together are eligible.


There are many career options available to optometry graduates as a result of their academic and clinical experience. An optometrist can:-

  • Practice independently
  • Assist Ophthalmologists in hospitals and Clinics
  • Practice at optical establishments
  • Have excellent job opportunities overseas
  • Offer clinical services to multinationals dealing with the manufacturing and distribution of ophthalmic lenses, contact lenses and ophthalmic instruments.
  • Can work in optometry colleges as tutor technicians, lecturers and Assistant professors
  • They have opportunities in higher studies like M.Sc. Optometry, Fellowship programme.

What you will learn

Optometrists are licensed to examine your eyes for any vision defects or any eye diseases. Their four year training prepares them to diagnose and treat primary eye diseases and injuries as well as to prescribe glasses, contact lenses, and other devices to enhance your vision. When they determine there is a problem, they can prescribe medications or other appropriate therapies. As part of your healthcare team, optometrist will work with your family physician and other medical professionals to coordinate your care.

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