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Microbiology is a branch of Biology that includes the study of growth characteristics and various other aspects related to the Microorganism. Microbiologists find jobs in many places like Research Organization, Pharmaceutical, Food, Beverage and Chemical Industries, Universities, Research Institutes etc.

The Department of Microbiology has three primary responsibilities such as teaching/training, diagnostic laboratory services and research activities. The Microbiology Department is actively involved in teaching undergraduates and diploma students. Training and educational events are organized in the form of workshops and CME's. The Department of Microbiology has qualified faculty members assigned with various theory and practical. They give emphasis on learning of the students. The lectures lay emphasis on knowledge content (topics in the curriculum), Utility Value – application in real life, latest developments etc.

Microbiology typically includes the study of immune system, mycology, bacteriology, genetics, virology, parasitology and entomology.

Our vision:

Department of microbiology seeks to be a model for health systems through innovations in education, patient-oriented research, population health and service excellence.

Mission of the department:

To develop compassionate, ethically sound health professionals and provide service of the highest order across the health care continuum, through:

  • Innovations in education that yield lifelong learners and leaders in health care
  • Create a centre of academic excellence in the field of education and research in Microbiology
  • Encouraging creative young minds to reach their fullest potential
  • Emphasis on quality and value in all endeavours
  • Provide a sound academic background for the overall development of personality for a successful career in Microbiology
  • Inculcate in students the right skills oriented towards self-development
  • Inculcate in students the need for the value of dignity of labour and the attitude

Laboratory facilities

We have excellent infrastructure with well-furnished lab sections, fully equipped with advanced sophisticated instruments and glassware. The following equipment is available in the lab:

  • Compound Microscope-LED Monocular and Binocular Microscope –rechargeable
  • Incubator
  • Refrigerator
  • Water Bath
  • VDRL Shaker
  • Bacterial colony counter
  • Inspissator
  • Seitz filter
  • Vacuum pump
  • Deep freezer
  • Millipore Filter unit
  • Lovibond comparator
  • Anaerobic jar
  • ELISA reader with washer
  • UV lamp- portable
  • Safety cabinet with laminar flow
  • Hot air oven
  • Deionizer
  • Vortex mixer
  • Steam Jacketed Autoclave
  • Heater with GI element
  • Meat mincer
  • Fluorescent microscope
  • Centrifuge
  • Autoclave
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