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Medical Laboratory Technology

Medical Laboratory technology is a healthcare professional, who performs Chemical, Hematological, Immunologic, Microscopic and bacteriological diagnostic, dialysis on body fluids such as Blood, Urine, Sputum, Stool, CSF, etc. MLT technician assists the  physician in the diagnosis and treatment of disease by performing tests on tissues, blood and other body fluids. Medical Laboratory technician most commonly works in hospitals or doctor’s offices. The various departments are follows


It deals with biochemical reactions taking place in biological system. The clinical Application of Biochemistry includes estimation of different parameters both in diseased and normal conditions like, hormonal assay, enzyme assay and other routine tests

Equipment: Spectrophotometer, Flame Photometer, Electronic Balance Hot air Oven, Incubator, Refrigerator, Chromatographic Apparatus, Centrifuge, PH meter, Electrophoretic Apparatus, Deioniser, Water bath, Vortex mixer, Colorimeter


It deals with the study of microorganisms that causing various infections in human beings. It supports laboratory diagnosis of infections by the isolation of causative agents by various procedures. It has so many branches like, bacteriology, Parasitology, entomology, Mycology, Virology, and Immunology.

Equipment: Auto clave, Incubator, Water bath, Hot air oven, Centrifuge, Laminar air flow, Electronic Balance, Microscope, VDRL Shaker, Refrigerator etc.


Pathology is the scientific study of diseases. It has branches like, General Pathology, Histopathology & Clinical Pathology.

Equipments : Colorimeter, Electronic balance, Common Balance, Incubator, centrifuge, Binocular & Monocular Microscopes, Histokinete, Microtome, Water bath, Hot Air Oven etc.


Anatomy Department deals with study of Human body. In our Anatomy Laboratory support mainly with cadaver, organs, slides, skeletal systems, models and charts


Physiology is the branch of Medical Sciences which deals with the vital processes and functions of living organisms. Physiology related to clinical manifestations in the normal and abnormal behaviour of structures.

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